Modern Dining Room Table

The key element of good dining is no doubt that it is the table itself. In an area of ​​the home that is often shared with other areas (living room, kitchen, ...), the modern dining room table is the element that has the task of organizing the space reserved for this function space and around which distribute the remaining elements that make up the dining area: chairs, side tables, lamps, rugs, etc.

On the market a variety of modern dining room table, so many that sometimes seems difficult to know which one to choose. To succeed with the choice, take note of these tips and ideas that we present, it will assist you to find the ideal dining table for your house, with the size, shape, material, functionality and style that best suits the  room of your home .

The circular modern dining room table is a classic, related to those tables stretchers our grandparents. He brings great warmth to the environment by the way they have when diners sit around it, looking all together and keeping the same distance between them, which encourages conversation, facilitates the exchange of food and transmits proximity creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Round tables are well suited to small eaters because they have no corners, promoting circulation around it. They also have the advantage of being easily adapted to the number of diners and is never empty seats it offers the possibility of a perfectly balanced distribution of the chairs around the table.

We can find round tables for everyone, of different materials, finishes and sizes. The one shown in the picture is a classic of twentieth century design, the Tulip type table designed by Saarinen, a design icon that will do well in any environment.

The rectangular modern dining room table is another typical form of dining table. Like most of the houses the dining space is shared with other areas, the table will not occupy a position in space centered. In these situations, a rectangular table may be easier to have next to a wall or the back of the seating area. In addition, many rectangular tables have mechanisms for extending them (with wings that open to the sides or embedded boards that extend the table), adapting to the special occasions without taking up much space in the dining room every day.

There rectangular tables of many materials and styles so it will be possible to find the table that suits the decor and style of the space where it will be placed. For example, in the dining area of ​​the image you bet on a wooden modern dining room table that blends well with the rest of the wood used in the home, creating a warm space with an oriental touch.
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