Modern Dining Tables For Everyone

The modern dining table can be found in the kitchen or dining room furniture and are fundamental to the decor and conviviality of the house. The dining table is a meeting place inside the house. Here you can dine, have dinner, talking, working and cooking. The tables may have different shapes: round, oval, rectangular or square. To choose it will need to understand what shape and size will best suit your room. The tables can then also be extensible, so if you have a lot of space, better a small table that can expand at will. The materials of construction of the tables can be: wood, glass, iron, plastic or altro.Questi materials can also be combined, for example, we have a dining table with iron structure and wooden top, or a glass and aluminum structure. So you can choose the tables that you like and you fit the style of your home.

The modern dining table are a beautiful green and eco-friendly idea for those who love plants and flowers. This table is called GREEN IT . He encapsulates the idea of life and nature and the materials with which it is made ​​are a hymn to the earth. The table was in fact built in elm wood and treated steel, which has a beautiful patina of rust. In the center there is a beautiful planter. Inside the planter of course you can put all of this and will change each time the look of your table. Flowers, succulents, composition etc ... according to your taste and time. The floor is made ​​of solid wood painted with transparent and in between is the tempered glass, while the planter and legs are steel etched.

The modern dining table in glass are very elegant and in any environment can now to bring style. This table is rectangular and its base is constituted by two metal elements that resemble two sails. Metal is gently curved and its finish is polished chrome or nickel can be made of polished black or antique brass dark. A dining table refined and understated, perfect for a beach house.

The modern dining table have this most elegant curvy shape with turned wood legs and slightly curved upwards. These curves are taken across the dining room. The chairs, the sideboard and cabinet. The table has a frame of light wood, while the floor is black. Everything is extremely refined and adapted to a modern and chic. The table and the furniture in the collection of The Bouquet Fablier.

The modern dining table in marble are very original and never go out of fashion. Marble is a precious material and is able to bring a touch of elegance in a house, with its important presence. The marble table, as this is often custom made. The table base with round top is metal and marble has a beautiful white and light gray. Better if it is combined with the kitchen top, also in marble, to give continuity to the environment
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