Lighting For Dining Room: The Professional Choice Decorators

Suspension bell, ball or some other form? Chandelier branches or evanescent light fixture? Glass, chrome, paper, braided fiber? Given the oversupply, it is certainly not easy to think clearly! To help you, will pick up some bright ideas on the part of architects and interior decorators. Let's see what they have chosen lamps for their clients (or for themselves!) And how they have integrated the decor.

More or less rounded, tapered or flattened, the BEAT suspension Tom Dixon comes in four different models. Each model features a sensual shape and design and a special touch with its golden color inside. Of course, Tall BEAT, BEAT Wide, Fat and BEAT BEAT Stout can be used alone. But the beauty of this collection lies in the ability to assemble and play on their shapes and different heights to create a strong character luminaire.

In this modern cuisine created by St├ęphane Lapouble, founder of the agency A House of Love, the composition of three suspensions of varying heights accompanies Featured volume sets in the room. Lapouble St├ęphane chose to combine Tall BEAT, BEAT and BEAT Wide Fat Tom Dixon to illuminate the dining area. Neutral colors (light oak, black and white) leave any room for the various forms and unhooked from the room. >> More photos of this modern kitchen
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