5 Beautiful Sofa Set For Living Room

living room sofa set

Nothing like a nice sofa twister to the decor of the living room and turn it into a trendy and friendly place. Panorama images of the most desirable contemporary sofas! And here's some of our original ideas about sofa set for living room

living room sofa sets

You want a beautiful sofa set for living room, design and modern. Through 5 models of major brands of sofas, one only has to choose our favorite for a trendy and stylish lounge. Spotlight!

1. A nice sofa upholstered british spirit

We like the high back of the sofa sets that recreates an intimate space. Padded, he revisits the English spirit of Chesterfield but release Scandinavian with its fine and elegant lines. Reissue of a model of the designer Arne Jacobsen in 1939, the model is modernized by contemporary green coating full of freshness.

living room sofa sets

2. A generous corner sofa in a living room XXL

Classic, corner sofa welcomes with generosity and family friends. Composable, the provision is modulated at will by assembling sofa and chaise lounge chair. Its ultra thin seats make a firm sofa and all terrain. The various positions of options cushions attached to the file in addition to its modularity daily.

3. A nice cozy and casual couch deco salon

With its casual look, we love the casual side and base of the sofa. Gray fabric, its shape is highlighted just a big colorful ribbon edged grain. Color keys, brightly colored cushions come wake him.

sofa sets for living room

4. From pink to break the traditional side of the sofa

This elegant sofa with architected, geometric lines clearly asserts its affiliation with Mies Van Der Roe or Knoll. Part of modernity is its pink linen coating that brings light and smooth at the show. Its upholstered seat and folders make it a classic yet comfortable sofa.

5. A sofa design such a composable ottoman for living room

Composed of three types of poufs that exist in 3 different dimensions, lounge sofa is very flexible and can even be installed in two different senses. Upholstered feather, deep cushions ensure a comfortable and plush comfort. As for its coating with pinched seams and smooth lines, it emphasizes the soft comfort of the sofa.

sofa sets for living room
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