Rustic Dining Room Ideas With Modern Furniture

The dining room , in the same way as other rooms of a house, can be decorated in different styles trends. In here we dedicate this article to tell you how to decorate a rustic dining room ideas , the best way to make the stay in a very warm and cozy space . This decorative style not only brings warmth and comfort but also can make your room look very elegant, everything depends on the choice of furniture and how they combine with other elements.

To begin let's focus on the dining room walls . If there is a material characterized by excellence spaces decorated in a rustic style that is wood, which can also be present in the walls. A good option is to coat the walls with a frieze of wood that can be half-height or full-height, ie, covering the wall from floor to ceiling. You can choose any of the two possibilities, but for decorating small dining is more advisable friezes halfway up, leaving in sight the top of the wall.

Whether you're placing a frieze half way up or not, keep in mind that to make the dining room has a rustic look you choose warm colors to paint the walls . The tones that simulate natural colors like brown, beige, sand and stone shades are best suited. The stone walls , wooden beams and put parquet floor are other possibilities that the dining room acquire a very rustic and homey character.

Traditional furniture decorate rustic spaces are usually of wood, with a craftsman style and simple lines. In a rustic dining room ideas you can not miss a good solid wood table , choose your size according to the space you have available, which is accompanied also by wooden chairs. To add a touch of color, you can put some chairs in plain or patterned checkered or flowery cushions and decorate the table with fruit bowls or vases of wildflowers.

The wooden shelves and antique look are also perfect for decorating a rustic dining room ideas. Place them tableware and glass vases to increase the attractiveness of the room.

Rustic accessories. Use accessories to rustic style is required to complete the decor of the dining room. Some of the best items that you can use are: carpets in warm colors, glass vases, antique vases, large candles in neutral tones, antique tea sets, pottery and tablecloths details raffia, among others. All are exceptional to deploy the rustic dining room ideas.
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