Restaurant Interior | Peach House Restaurant | San Gabriel,United States | MAKE Architecture

The Peach House project, located in a commercial center at the corner of Valley Blvd and New Ave in San Gabriel was an opportunity for MAKE to inject a simple architectural move in a small space in the form of repetitive ribs that punctuate at the customer counter with vibrant color.

When entering the frozen yogurt shop, the customer encounters high gloss white repetitive “rings” that define the spatial extent of the walls and ceiling. To accomplish this, MAKE utilized both sheet mdf (at floor + ceiling) and flexible mdf (where wall meets ceiling). The resulting forms, taking the same angle at the ceiling as the walls, create a louvered effect that terminates at the service area. Where tables/seating and the customer counter occurs, these rings take a more sinuous form, peeling away from the wall to provide flat usable surfaces while maintaining the overall aesthetic of the “ribs” where they occur. At the customer counter, the area below the peeled away “rib” receives a piece of laminated glass with a rich yellow color consistent with the family of yellows adjacent in the service area. Where the “rib” peels away from the wall to become a customer table, the peeled away “rib” floats. Upon leaving the customer counter and turning around, the customer is aware of the illuminated color spectrum emerging from behind the high gloss white rings, ranging from a rich yellow to a deep red at the exterior storefront.

MAKE was also responsible for the Peach House logo and menu design. The logo, a series of rectangular rings one inside the other by way of forced perspective, was designed to be in concert and referential to the interior design, thus furthering the idea of total environment package.

Design team: Project Designers: Jess Mullen-Carey + Bill Beauter Electrical Engineer: Jacob Chan of MDC Engineers Glazing Consultant: Philip Vourvoulis of GlasPro Photography: John Edward Linden

Client: Charlene Chiu + Kai Liang
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