Apartment Interior Design | Nogales 9, Mexico | GLR Arquitectos

Built Area :3,806 sq. ft.
Interior design project for a luxury apartment. Located on the 9th floor of the Los Nogales building. In this project an interesting collection arts and antiques demanded a thoughtful use of lighting as well as the creation of adequate areas of appreciation. The program required only 2 bedrooms with a personal studio both for the owner as well as for the only daughter.

Once the functional requirements had been met, the task was to create certain corners where the work of arts would not compete with more conventional of domestic objects. Regarding the use of materials, we chose a combination of limestone and red maple complimented with some stainless steel walls, which provided the sufficient contrast in such areas as the reception, which has an installation of crystal flames or as the transition area separating the mostly public from the more intimate rooms....more
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